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Hedley’s Haunting Halloween! (Part 1)

Hedley’s Haunting Halloween! (Part 1)

Hello All.

We hope you are all suitably refreshed from the midterm break holidays and ready for a great second half of our autumn term, but before we get stuck in we’d like to share our most special of Halloween activities with you.

At Hedley Park we like to take the students favourite celebrations and make them really special, and Halloween is one of the more spectacular in the calendar. With 2010 being our 20th Anniversary Year, the students and parents  were hoping our annual Witches Walk would be  just that little bit more dramatic and spooky and they were not disappointed.

Listening to a wickedly good story!

From early morning our little mummies, monsters, witches and warlocks, pirates, princesses and an action hero or two came to “ghoul” for their midterm party!

Faces were painted, as songs and stories, popcorn and warlocks brew kept the trick or treaters happily guessing what magic awaited them on the Witches Walk!

The Warty Witch

Up in the “big school” all was not as it should have been, it seemed that the spells cast by our  apprentice witches during the week worked, and we all gasped as we discovered a Warty Witch had kidnapped our beloved teacher Katie…  to help release her (and get our treats) we had to race to the park and collect the ingredients for her  most peculiar  of potions!

Our Witchy Families head to the park.

The Witch made a List......

Off we scurried and hurried to the far corners of the park (thankful we had our parents to help us on our way) in search of the witches horrendous haul. We found on our journeys amongst other things, bat wings, and slugs, buzzard’s innards, snake skins and bugs.  At each new discovery we sang our halloween songs and recited rhymes, some of us had even penned a poem or two for just the occasion.

Singing for our sweeties.

Bewitching the Witch with our words.

All of this kept our Warty Witch cackling with delight and we just knew one way or another that we’d get our Katie back!
Finally we gathered at the Warty Witches cauldron fire. We then had to ask her very nicely using all of our manners if we could please have Katie back.

We turned our backs for the magic spell and……. WHOOSH! We got our wish, Katie was back at school and we had yummy treats for our hard work!

We hope everyone had a Hauntingly Happy Halloween! 🙂


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  1. Aoife says:

    Hi Clair! Really enjoyed reading the latest blog. Photos look great too! Thanks, Aoife xx

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