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Parent Testimonials

Some of our parents have said very kind words about us… here are just a few.

Catriona Ogston

Throughout our years at Hedley Park, people have asked what we think of the school. We’d describe it as ‘a fantastic place’, ‘really great’, but I felt like whatever praise we heaped on the school, it never quite did Hedley the justice it deserved. Now, as our time there draws to close, with a heavy heart and wonderful memories to last a lifetime, I will try to remedy that.

Hedley Park is a remarkable school. Our first encounter came when we attended Open Day the summer before our daughter, Elsa, began in Junior Infants. We came away so impressed by the atmosphere of warmth, kindness and inclusiveness. There was a clear joy of learning in the school, readily apparent from the work displayed and the enthusiasm of the teachers. When Elsa joined the school in September, we knew very quickly that she’d be there as long as possible. A year later, our son, Leon, joined the Nursery class.

The school is a unique and special place where creativity, independence of thought, and the freedom to learn and grow thrives. Classes in Hedley are small and the team of dedicated staff know each child’s individual abilities and needs and tailor their learning accordingly. If there is a problem, it’s never left to linger. Older and younger children learn together, with and from each other, which is lovely to see. Our children have particularly enjoyed this aspect during their latter years at school when they shared the experience of being in the same class. What has continued to impress me during our time at Hedley is the kindness and respect the children show to each other.

Highlights of the year include the St. Patrick’s Day parade, Chinese New Year celebrations, the Halloween Witches Walk, and most especially the fabulous Christmas show at the Pavilion Theatre, which has given our children a huge boost to their confidence. And sometimes it’s just the everyday, unplanned moments that come out of the blue. Recently, I was waiting for the kids to finish up after class when some music they love came on. I watched as the whole class spontaneously jumped up and started dancing and singing together with no inhibitions: relaxed, happy and free to be themselves.

Perhaps most important of all, we have shared our Hedley years with a great bunch of kids, parents and teachers. We have all made strong and lasting bonds of friendship.

We are lucky enough to have been a part of the Hedley family for six and a half years and it has been a huge and positive part of our lives. If not for a move abroad, it would have been for a good while longer. Indeed, had we found it at all possible to commute from Luxembourg we would probably have considered the logistics of it!

It all seems to have passed by in the blink of an eye. As I’ve watched new children join the school over the last few months, knowing our days there were coming to an end, I’ve enviously wished we could have that magical time all over again. Hedley Park, we will miss you so much; your kindness, care, guidance and warmth have been invaluable. We could not have asked for more.

Catriona Ogston
December 2016

Cliona Dunne

“As a parent of Hedley Park I wanted to post some feedback for parents thinking about sending their children or child to this school. Both of my daughters have attended Hedley Park from age 2 and I can only most sincerely tell you that it is just the best school for your child. The staff are amazing, the Principal Ashley is just so professional and caring to all of the children and parents. I have always felt that my children have been given the best start in life attending this school. I am very sad that our time is now passed with Hedley Park Montessori School but I can only say that I have had only wonderful experiences for both myself and my family. The girls have gone to the National Art Gallery, The Georgian House and many many more amazing places, with the school. All the children get to experience lots of cultural diversity and they learn about different traditions not just the Irish ones. It is truly as good as it gets in this school. What you see and what you read on the school website is exactly and more of what happens in daily life at Hedley. To summarise it all Hedley Park is Professional, Caring, Nurturing and above all has great teachers who love what they do.”

Hi Ashley,

I thought I’d let you know that Oscar, the small boy who had so much energy that you wondered if we couldn’t get him to bounce for half an hour on his trampoline each morning before we brought him in, in order to work off some energy, is off to Amsterdam in August to do a masters in philosophy. Who’d have thought? Except perhaps, you. You had such faith in him! He’s 6 ft 3 now, by the way!

Amy is married with two babies, Oliver, who is three and three months, which is exactly the age she was when she started with you, and Rupert, who is eight months. They moved to Mullingar two years ago and she works in marketing, like her Mama.

You didn’t really know the other two. Sara lives and works in Galway and my baby, Hugo, is just finished first year in Galway university, studying philosophy like his big brother.

Amy and Oscar remember their time with you SO clearly it’s incredible. What an impression you made on them. And what a wonderful start they got with you. We were talking about you today (NOT an unusual occurrence) and I thought I’d let you know where your little alumni had got to.

I’m definitely coming to say hello when I’m next in Dublin.

Love to Mairead, Fionnuala and anyone else who is still there from the old days.

Kindest Regards,

Deirdre O’Kane.

Dear Ashley,

thanks for the pictures…lovely to see Dafne again with her special friends!!

I really miss my life in Dublin but in particular all of you in Hedley Park!!

Hedley Park gave Dafne the best life opportunity! Please carry on your perfect job because every child deserves a school like that…Dafne was so lucky to stay in this school…an honour for her to be one of your student!! YOU ARE AMAZING in everything you do!!

Thanks a million!!!!!!!

Ombretta, Federico, Dafne, Grace.

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