67 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, Ireland

Preparatory School

Our Preparatory Department

Children from 4–12 years

Our preparatory classrooms offer a complete primary based curriculum education enhanced with the traditional Montessori method and materials alongside our ultra modern smart classroom technology ensures your child benefits from the best education on offer.

Children work on their own programme, following their interests and tying it into the curriculum with an individual learning plan they follow independently giving them freedom and fostering self-discipline and accountability in each child.

Advanced Montessori materials

Throughout the school the Montessori method of education is used and adapted to help each child reach their full potential.

Our classrooms are fully stocked with wonderful advanced Montessori materials to compliment the primary curriculum in a concrete way to allow the children to fully absorb and investigate each subject area. We invest in new materials every year ensuring that new and inviting materials are there for the new and returning child alike.

These materials allow your child to learn, experiment and really engage with advanced theoretical concepts at an early age. The ability to learn in a self-directed way heightens concentration and confidence in their capability as a learner.

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Mixed aged groups &
Small class sizes

The children are organised into groups of mixed ages and ability thus, in areas the child is more capable they are given free reign to flourish and grow and in areas they may feel less confident the child receives individual attention, without the pressure normally attached to group learning.

Older children provide inspiration and mentoring for younger children, and in turn the maxim proves true that the best way to learn something is to teach it, so as the older children help their younger peers the concepts and learning are concreted further by aiding their friends.

All classes are small, ensuring a high
pupil/staff ratio of approximately 1:12

Subjects & learning experiences

We use the follow the child method, so your childs own interests are used to inspire learning and then the core subjects are woven in allowing your child to direct and be responsibile for their learning while ensuring all topics are covered.

These core subjects are:
English language arts
Physical Education

Children are also encouraged to participate in our extra curricular experiences including Tennis, Ballet, Drama, Yoga, Mandarin, Forest School, Cookery School and Circus School

Extra curricular experiences