67 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, Ireland


Spring Term: Feasts, Fun and Lots of Learning.

Spring term is underway and at Hedley park we are delighted to report that we are busy enjoying all that our unique environment has to offer. We truly are in a wonderful location and with the refurbishment of Merrion Square park in progress, our students are able to make the most of our historic, creative…
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Peter Pan & the Winter tales….

Happy New Year to you all, we hope everyone had a wonderful winter break and you are all looking forward to a fun 2016 of growth, giggles and learning. We had such a lovely second half of the autumn term, in our last post we updated you on all our wonderful extracurricular and charitable activities…
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Autumn Term – Kindness, Friendship, Learning & Fun

The first half of the autumn term has been full of fun and kindness, education and new friends. Where can we start? From old traditions such as the Witches Walk and Winter Play rehearsals to new experiences such as the Cupcake Cafe and our Karate and Yoga classes, no two weeks in Hedley Park are…
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Summer days of fun……

Summer is flying by and the lack of sunshine here in Merrion Square is not stopping us in any way. We have been so busy in the last months there was hardly time to sit down and update you on all we have done, thankfully we grabbed a few moments to catch up on the…
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New Year, New Learning

What an amazingly busy month January was, new learning, fun and activities.