67 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, Ireland


Ideally located and well-appointed

Discover the unique facilities on offer to your child at Hedley Park Montessori School.

Montessori Curriculum

One of only a handful of full Montessori based primary schools in Ireland. This curriculum allows us to follow the child’s interests and provides hands on based learning materials to deepen your childs concrete knowledge of advanced practical and theoretical subjects.

Outdoor Environment

We have a giant outdoor chessboard and private garden to the rear of the school, with a scooter parking area and a buggy cubby at the entrance to help you get to school in a healthy manner

Local Amenities

Uniquely located in the heart of Georgian Dublin we have access to museums, parks and galleries on our doorstep for daily use.

Technonogy Enhanced Learning

Each classroom has SmartScreen technology, and access to a bank of iPads and MacBook Air laptops for supervised and monitored research and group presentation.

Healthy Eating

We have facilities to heat your child’s lunch if required, all children eat together in a pleasant and family style manner, encouraging good manners and conversation. Healthy eating policy helps parents to inspire their child to make good food choices, and the school provided afternoon snack is a nutritious affair often taken in the park if weather permits.

Pre and Post Care

Open from 8am to 6pm daily and offer pre and post class care. Afternoon activities are a gentle and enjoyable way to mix with all age groups. Trips to the park, museums and galleries, free play and games with the fully stocked games cupboard and occasional “movie screening” events to allow your child to make friends and relax before you make your way home.

Love of Reading

With a communal full reading and reference library and individual class libraries there is plenty of material to encourage the love of books. 

Extra Curricular

Offering a wealth of experiences to excite, inspire and give your child the space and support to grow and develop to achieve great things, from ballet to tennis, drama to sports, chess to mandarin and forest school to cookery classes we want to open doors for your child to explore their talents.