First Week Back.

By now most of us have had a full week back at school. Welcoming back old friends and getting to know new friends.

In the nursery we welcomed many new faces to our rooms, and we are happy to report that everyone is settling in very well.

Our graduates to the senior school are all making a great impression in their new “big kid” world. While we miss them we can look forward to our daily all school play time in the park!

In the nursery our junior class are learning about Australia. There was great work painting maps of Australia and learning about all the animals native to the continent thanks to great props and culture items brought back by Marianne on her trip to Australia over the summer holidays. We are all enjoying their renditions of Waltzing Matilda and Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree during circle time.

In the senior class, the children are soaking up the culture of Asia. We have big plans to make vegetarian sushi and master the art of chopstick use. With many of the staff having visited Asia we have lots of photos and stories to share with the children.

By now all the parents know about our Special Sound.

C (phonetically said as *kuh*)

We welcome anything special chosen by your child that begins with the C sound.

Look out for our round-up newsletter coming your way in a lunchbox soon.  We hope you and your family will enjoy talking about the lesson themes in the newsletter.

Thanks for stopping by

All the staff of the Nursery.

7 thoughts on “First Week Back.

    • Hi Cliona, Maggie & Katie!

      Thanks for popping by and for the lovely comment.
      There will be news from the Big School soon, so if you want to put your email address in at the bottom of the page and hit subscribe, we’ll send you a mail to let you know theres a new post! 🙂

  1. Your welcome…just great – i have just finished making cup cakes with Maggie and katie – I don’t know how you guys do baking with all the kids in the class:) I struggled with my two alone..looking forward to more updates..

  2. Oh Busy Ladies!
    Bet those are very yummy cupcakes!
    Hope we are going to be sampling your creations! 🙂
    Well I know Maggie is always the perfect helper in class so I’m sure she can teach Katie to be the same star assistant! 🙂
    More updates are on the way so come back soon!

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