All School: Notes, Messages and Daisy Duck

Just a quick housekeeping post 🙂

Winter is upon us, and while we may not be out in the snow we will be going out where possible through out the winter months. Fresh air and exercise are important to your child and we know you want to keep them warm and cozy when they are outside. Our uniform is practical and comfortable and when complete (with the normal winter additions) all our students will be toasty and happy.

The School Overcoat, Hat & Scarf are a great place to begin, and for most that’s definitely warm enough. Wellington boots, for those muddy puddles and a second pair of warm socks will keep Jack Frost from those toes.  Gloves and if needed a navy beanie hat to be worn under the school hat should keep ears extra cozy.

Warm and Toasty!!

Parents  who have been with us last year are probably already aware of our class mailboxes. Each class group have mailboxes on the door, there is one for each child. Please continue to check these daily as your child may not notice mail waiting to go home. These are also useful if you wish to leave a note for another parent to arrange playdates and the like. Thursday is the day that children are chosen to bring a DVD to school, this is communicated via the mailbox too.

Nursery Mailboxes

Prep School Mailboxes






Another great addition to our school day are the Morning and Afternoon Activity displays that are in the lobby area of each campus.

Activity Timetable

Designed by our own Katie, these activity timetables let you know what your child has done and what is happening tomorrow so you can be ready.

The nursery school also communicate via large signs on our front door, if we are out and about we also have teachers phone numbers so you can join up with us if you are collecting your child.

Daisy Duck!

Final School News: Daisy Duck is going on a holiday to the Nursery!

The  senior class of the nursery will be undertaking a practical life project based on cleaning and laundry. Parents will be happy to know that we will be helping the children learn how to sort laundry, wash, dry and fold clothes. So now there will be no excuses for keeping their room in order! 🙂

Beginning the tower.....

We’d like to leave you with a smile, parents may have seen or heard of their child working with the pink tower. We spoke about it in an earlier post. Well once a child has mastered this work don’t be surprised to see them try to build any set of cubes into a tower.

Two and counting......

Early one morning, already dressed in her ballet gear one of our nursery children was looking at a set of tissue boxes painted black for an art project.

Wow, four! Well Done!

She proceeded to take out a mat, unroll it, and attempt to stack them to form a tower! 🙂

The concentration and determination on her face as she was absorbed in her work. The teachers present for Breakfast club watched her work and had to capture the moment to share.

Great Work Jules! 🙂

Stay tuned for more general school news, especially as we are getting ready for the big anniversary school production of Peter Pan.

Untill then remember keep practicing “Never Smile at a Crocodile”

The Pink Tower and The Post Office

It has been another great week in the nursery, hard to believe we are into the latter half of our first month back.

We are all truly settled now and enjoying the return of our extracurricular classes.

Ballet on Tuesday was much anticipated by all our budding ballerinas. While it does give our petite prima donnas a chance to don their fantastic pink tutus and wraps, it’s not just the girls that benefit.  Ballet refines the gross motor skills of boys and girls alike. Rhythm, music, movement, balance and coordination are all core aspects of the senior nursery ballet classes.

Drama on Wednesday is a roaring success, quite literally! The return of Esther saw the junior and senior nursery class visit “Chocolate Land” and “Monkey Land” they all drew their tickets, packed their cases and boarded the imagination express to explore the wonderful lands.

Music on Fridays is always a treat. Especially this year as we will be gearing up for the Big 20th Anniversary Christmas Musical. Keep in touch for more news on that!

Even with all our great extracurricular classes we had more than enough time to get into our Montessori curriculum.

The junior nursery class are really immersed in the culture and animals of the Australian Continent.

Junior Nursery Continental Australia

They started by painting the continent it’s Montessori key colour brown. Once that was done they began to add their cultural art items. Including the cutest Koala Bear’s, some pretty dazzling boomerangs and spectacular snakes!

We were all very proud of our new nursery juniors, who range in age from 2yrs 2 months to 3yrs. This week one of our youngest students completed the first in the sensorial curriculum, the pink tower.  It really is a great moment to see a child understand and internalize the lessons of the Montessori materials, as each lesson builds the child’s confidence and cognitive abilities.

My First Pink Tower.

The pink tower is a beautiful material, and gives so much to the young learner. There are 10 cubes in graduated dimension from 1cm to 10cm. In carrying and sorting, grading and building the tower the child develops coordination, concentration alongside visual and sensorial discrimination of size.

Our “big school buddy” Emma came to visit on Thursday and she began a new literature project with the junior nursery class. The Gruffalo.

If you havent read Julia Donaldson’s classic children’s tale, get to your local bookstore quick and enjoy it for yourself. Emma brought a fantastic Gruffalo pop up theatre book and we recreated the story as we listened to the Gruffalo song. Then everyone made their own Gruffalo mask, complete with prickly purple spines and tusks! Have a look below, click on the image to zoom in and see all the detail.

Junior Nursery Gruffalo Wall

With all the news from the Junior Nursery Class, lets not leave our Senior Class out of the updates.

We are still continuing on our Asian expedition.

Now you see it..... soon you wont!

This week we made sushi.

Many hands did indeed make light work, both of the creation and the consumption of our sushi. It vanished so fast we hardly had time to take photos.

Everyone enjoyed spreading the rice on the nori, laying the cucumber, mango or tuna and rolling the maki.

Enjoying the maki.

Then we all enjoyed a piece with our lunch, accompanied by pickled ginger, soy and some even ventured towards the wasabi. A real treat for our developing taste buds.

Next week we hope to explore the beauty and diversity of Asian architecture. Come back at the end of the week to find out what we discover.

Not to be outdone by our little neighbours in the junior class, the senior class have been creating their own fantastic interpretations of the animals of Asia. Our chosen animals are the Golden Monkey and the Giant Panda!

Our Golden Monkeys

Our Giant Pandas

We also began our Role Play area this week with the Post Office.

Role Play is important for young children. Role playing encourages the use of critical thinking Participation in role-play allows students to make decisions, and through the feedback received, see the results of their actions, and can therefore learn how to adjust words and actions to produce more successful outcomes. It also teaches many lessons that are needed in society, such as competition, cooperation and empathy.

The Post Office is a great hit and we will be expanding its tasks this week. So far we have been posting letters, emptying the letter box and sorting the post for delivery.

We have two functions of sorting, either by shape or by stamp colour. We take turns posting, collecting and sorting. Children work in pairs at the role play area and everyone ensures they get their time to get into the role.

In the coming days we want to create our own postcards and take them to the local post office to send to friends and family as a keepsake of our time in the Nursery.  Before we do, we have to practice our stamp buying, and our post office etiquette in our role play area.

Hedley Park P.O

Finally, perhaps you may have seen our 20th Anniversary write-up in the Metro Herald on Friday 17th? If not, or if your copy got wet in all the sudden rain showers we’ve been having, worry not, here is a pdf copy to read at leisure.  MetroHerald 17-09-10

It is with that note, that we await the beginning of a new week in Hedley Park Montessori, I wonder what we will learn this week!

Thanks for popping in to catch up, if you have something to tell us feel free to comment. We’d love to hear from you.

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Have a great week

From all the staff and pupils of the little school!