Everyone smiled at our crocodiles!

Our gala performance of Peter Pan was memorable for many reasons. Waking up on December 21st to find a winter wonderland outside our windows we knew this was going to be a day to remember.  We had all worked very hard to ensure the 20th anniversary performance of the Hedley Park Christmas play would be one to talk about, and it seemed even mother nature was doing her best to help it stand out!

The Darling Nursery

Teachers arriving early at the theatre were treated to a surprise snowball fight from three of our cute cast members, Phoebe, Scarlett & Jules.  All morning as our parents brought our stars to dress rehearsal the soft falling snow provided a magical backdrop. However nothing proved more magical than seeing all our little ones on stage relishing the performance.

Cutest Crocodiles lie in wait for Captain Hook!

Of course, as all our parents will know we had spent weeks prior to the big day rehearsing with Ashley and our drama teacher Esther, practising our lines and songs, learning stages cues and generally enjoying the show.

Lost Boys in training!



I’m not sure anyone will forget “Following the Leader” and “Never Smile at a Crocodile” as we sung it at snack, lunch, playtime, and I can imagine even in our sleep!

Jnr. Stage Designers in action!

The big school cast members helped to create the props. Designing and painting each item. Some students even brought in items from home to make the stage perfect in every scene!

Ladies that Louis Vuitton




We had our usual day long pre show rehearsal in the week before the play. It’s a tiring day and some of our older students knew to pace themselves and reserve energy. Finding our Ashley’s beautiful LV scarf they settled themselves to watch their friends on stage wrapped in their new blanket.  These ladies know how to relax in style.

Indian Braves and Lost Boys.

Pirate SnuggMonster!

The day itself whizzed by, the calm air backstage belied all the work put in by staff and students alike. As usual our little stage stars rose to the occasion wowing the audience with their performances. Well behaved, full of fun and not in the least bit fazed by being on stage.  Every year under the guidance of our directress Ashley and our Drama & Music teachers, the children blossom into their roles and it is a joy to see.

The finale of our version of Peter Pan saw all the cast on stage for the (home-made) 20th Anniversary Birthday Cake. And accompanied by our staff we sang a wonderful rendition of Dionne Warrick’s Motown classic “That’s What Friends Are For”

Lovely Lost Boy and Girls!

For those who  want to relive the play, the snow and the beautiful slide show of backstage photos, DVD’s can still be arranged just contact the school when collecting or leaving your child in.  I’ll leave you with a few more enchanting photos of our stars! We cant wait to find out what we’ll be doing for the 21st Hedley Park Play!

Super Cute Crocodile

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell


All the cast staff on stage.

Thanks for reading, please feel free to share with your family and friends that couldn’t make the show on the day.


Lots of love,

Staff & Pupils of Hedley Park Nursery & Prep  School.


All School: Notes, Messages and Daisy Duck

Just a quick housekeeping post 🙂

Winter is upon us, and while we may not be out in the snow we will be going out where possible through out the winter months. Fresh air and exercise are important to your child and we know you want to keep them warm and cozy when they are outside. Our uniform is practical and comfortable and when complete (with the normal winter additions) all our students will be toasty and happy.

The School Overcoat, Hat & Scarf are a great place to begin, and for most that’s definitely warm enough. Wellington boots, for those muddy puddles and a second pair of warm socks will keep Jack Frost from those toes.  Gloves and if needed a navy beanie hat to be worn under the school hat should keep ears extra cozy.

Warm and Toasty!!

Parents  who have been with us last year are probably already aware of our class mailboxes. Each class group have mailboxes on the door, there is one for each child. Please continue to check these daily as your child may not notice mail waiting to go home. These are also useful if you wish to leave a note for another parent to arrange playdates and the like. Thursday is the day that children are chosen to bring a DVD to school, this is communicated via the mailbox too.

Nursery Mailboxes

Prep School Mailboxes






Another great addition to our school day are the Morning and Afternoon Activity displays that are in the lobby area of each campus.

Activity Timetable

Designed by our own Katie, these activity timetables let you know what your child has done and what is happening tomorrow so you can be ready.

The nursery school also communicate via large signs on our front door, if we are out and about we also have teachers phone numbers so you can join up with us if you are collecting your child.

Daisy Duck!

Final School News: Daisy Duck is going on a holiday to the Nursery!

The  senior class of the nursery will be undertaking a practical life project based on cleaning and laundry. Parents will be happy to know that we will be helping the children learn how to sort laundry, wash, dry and fold clothes. So now there will be no excuses for keeping their room in order! 🙂

Beginning the tower.....

We’d like to leave you with a smile, parents may have seen or heard of their child working with the pink tower. We spoke about it in an earlier post. Well once a child has mastered this work don’t be surprised to see them try to build any set of cubes into a tower.

Two and counting......

Early one morning, already dressed in her ballet gear one of our nursery children was looking at a set of tissue boxes painted black for an art project.

Wow, four! Well Done!

She proceeded to take out a mat, unroll it, and attempt to stack them to form a tower! 🙂

The concentration and determination on her face as she was absorbed in her work. The teachers present for Breakfast club watched her work and had to capture the moment to share.

Great Work Jules! 🙂

Stay tuned for more general school news, especially as we are getting ready for the big anniversary school production of Peter Pan.

Untill then remember keep practicing “Never Smile at a Crocodile”