Extra Curricular

We offer a wide range of extra curricular classes and experiences to Hedley Park children.

Classical Ballet Classes 

Children enrolled in ballet classes prepare for end of year Royal Academy of Dance ballet examinations and dance shows under the guidance of our qualified, experienced, Royal Academy Teacher.

Music Classes 

Music forms a daily part of life at Hedley Park and is integrated into subjects whenever possible. Junior music concerts and larger drama musicals are undertaken yearly. There is an emphasis on vocal work through the school. Younger pupils start learning about musical instruments and investigate sound predominantly through percussion, while older children have the option to develop their skills by studying keyboard, violin, recorder, alongside their general music classes.

Drama Classes 

Weekly drama classes are eagerly awaited by the children and form an important part of every child’s school experience; promoting self-confidence and team work as they work on plays and performance skills. All children participate in our annual school musical in a Dublin theater where skills, including stage management, sound, lighting and many more, are introduced.

Mandarin Lessons: Weekly lessons with a native speaker in the Mandarin language and calligraphy classes for the preparatory school senior class. We also celebrate Chinese New Year as a whole school with a feast and day of Chinese culture led by the senior class students.

Educational Outings 

All pupils benefit from many educational outings to places of local interest throughout the year. We are blessed with a wealth of neighbourhood museums, galleries, historical places and parks. Children in the preparatory school also visit exhibitions, fairs and other Montessori schools to engage in the wider community. Our school tour for both pre and prep school groups are a highlight of the year.


At Hedley Park we recognise the importance sport plays in a child’s development. Children from Senior Infants and up are actively encouraged to partake in our weekly sports programme which is held at a nearby, all-weather facility throughout the year. Younger classes are involved in a weekly gym class which promotes co-ordination, balance and movement skills. As an addition to this, tennis is also on offer to the children during summer months. Children of all ages participate in our yearly sports’ day and daily park visits, when they are encouraged to play and be active together.

Tennis Lessons The summer term sees the return of our tennis lessons in a local tennis club. Tennis is a wonderful sport for grace, balance, courtesy and sportsmanship and the children look forward immensely to the lessons and the end of term championship.