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Hedley’s Haunting Halloween! (Part 3)

Hedley’s Haunting Halloween! (Part 3)

The final installment of our Halloween work comes from the smaller students in the “little school”

Not to be outshone in any way by their older schoolmates, and in many cases older siblings. The preschool students got into the Halloween mood early thanks to some great junior class wall art.


Happy Halloween!

They charmed us all with their poem, Flutter Flutter Little Bat…. and created an arch way of painted bats under which they practiced.


In the senior class they also used the Halloween theme in some freakishly fun counting game.


How many Skeletons can you count?


Everyone loved getting to the five werewolves fingers, putting them on and howling made them giggle! 🙂

Another popular activity was our balloon vampires and ghosts….


Count Dracula I presume?

Ghosts Floating in the classroom!








By far the most exciting craft was our pumpkin carving afternoon!

The rainy autumn evening was made more cheerful by the delighted and satisfied faces as they ate their afternoon snack in its glow. Knowing they carved his scary face and scraped his insides clean made our little charges only too pleased to show their handiwork to the proud mummies and daddies that evening!

Here we are cleaning him out…

Eugh its slimy! 🙂

Getting stuck in!



Forgive us for not having photos of the face carving, small hands, pumpkin carving tools and cameras are not a good mix. And all eyes were firmly on the carving tool! Hours threading, crayoning and painting joined to strengthen those hand muscles and sharpen the hand-eye coordination needed to carve the features, and the students excelled! But here for your votes is the little school Scary Mary Pumpkin... (don’t ask, that’s what he was called)


Turn the lights off, he's COOOOL!!!


A close second to the pumpkin, our Ghost and Bat Iced Cookies! Lots of rolling and shape cutting, spreading and a little bit of writing came together to make these yummy treats. We were happy to share at our Witches Walk Party! 🙂


Spreading the jam on the cookie!

and the outcome? …. yum yum!





Of course yummy as the children’s cookies looked, we’d like to say a super huge thank you to the mummy who delivered the most divine cupcakes to us on the morning of our Witches Walk. Fresh and homemade, all the teachers are begging for the recipie!These are the cupcakes to beat all cupcakes. (We of course are happy to adjudicate on any challengers to that throne!)

Thank you Anya, Kyla (&Dylan)’s Mom


The only words are.... Om-Nom-Nom!!




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  1. Beata says:

    Absolutely fantasic and tastie looking cookies

  2. […] like our Halloween counting we had a Christmas stocking filled with items to count from 1-5. As it turned out to be so popular […]

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